Social media addiction

Social media addiction
Is social media addiction a problem for you? Are you wanting to fix your social media addiction so you can have more time in you life to live life! Well you came to the right place. Here we will help you and teach you ways to live you life outside of your social media addiction.

First we need to find witch type of addict are you? Are you one that lives on your social media site? You wake up from dreaming about your next post to be checking your phone or computer to see what’s new with your followers/friends? Or you post that you just woke up. And it doesn’t stop there but goes on and on the rest of the day! You have you phone setting to where if you get a Notification of any type you phone buzzes so you can check it out right away! If you answered yes to these questions then you are in the right place. Read thur all the site and find ways to help you personally! Each blog has a different insight into helping you with your social media addiction.
Your first step is to recognize you have a problem and to realize that this is not how you want to live your life. That there is more to your life than social media addiction. Once you have realized that you want to live life and in real life not online then your ready for step two.
Step two of your social media addiction is easy for some, hard for others. Let’s just hope it’s easy for you. And begin by jumping right in. Living your life would mean you not lazy your not getting on to social media every 10 min or so to live life thur someone else! Social media should be used for just that socializing, getting on once a day is more than enough for you to socialize with your friends and followers.
So with that said get up and get out! Get up and do something, clean, play, cook anything that us you up and away from your social media addiction. Get out and explore the world, your back yard, your town or city. Being active in your community will help you get out and again away from your computer and help keep your mind off of wanting to live your life thur someone else. Once you get this step done you will realize that you can do this. That consuming your life with social media is a waste of time and looking at it no more than once a day is exactly what you needed.
This site is to help you live your life and not someone else’s life! Social media addiction is real and there is help. You are awesome and you can do great things. I encourage you to look into social-media-monitoring now.