Addicted to Facebook

Addicted To Facebook
addicted to Facebook
Are you like me and addicted to Facebook? Well I would like to say it is way more common then you think and you are not alone. There are many people male and female, world wide addicted to Facebook or other social networks.

Of course no addiction is a good one but being addicted to Facebook is a lot better than being addicted to drugs, pornography, or smoking! At least being addicted to Facebook isn’t causing harm to your body but it is still an addiction and with any addiction you need help to over come your addiction! That is why you are here reading this post right? Because you have realized the Facebook is consuming your time and well your life now revolves around Facebook. You have taken the first couples steps in the right direction first you have acknowledged that there is a problem and that you are addicted to Facebook. Second you have started to look for help and you have found me! You deserve an atta boy or girl for even making those steps! Now I can tell you are a really motivated person. This will make overcoming your addiction a lot easier. Being motivate means you most likely have goals in life, am I right? Now think what those goal are? Make a list of what you can do to achieve those goals. Now yours goal don’t have to be all long term they can be short term.


For example some of my goals today have been write a blog post, do a load of laundry, do the dishes. Make my kids lunch (yes we have skipped lunch before and just snacked all day) and last, attempt to clean the master bath. Those seem like pretty easy goals for a normal person right? Well I am not normal, I am highly addicted to Facebook and I feel like I need to see the newest post as it’s being posted! Weird I know, or maybe you are right there with me and thinking, yup that’s me!  Either way having this small easy list of this for me to accomplish before dinner make staying off of Facebook easier!
So now you have your list and your ready and motivated to push the addiction to the curb! I am not saying delete Facebook and have no online social life just minimize it down to once a day maybe twice, to where you can stop caring about it. And eventually where you just get on once a week to see how all your so called friends are! I say so called friends because your real friends have you phone number and can call or text to check up on you!
It is 10am and I have already check my Facebook 13 times since waking up at 8. That is insane! So I looked at my list of goals for today, write a blog post! Ok I can do this, I got off Facebook and started typing! It is now 11am and I am done with my post and I really just want to check Facebook and feed my addiction but wait look at that list, do a load of laundry. I can do this! I start putting the clothes in piles keeping my mind off of things (you know like being addicted to Facebook) I sort all the clothes, I have 5 loads that need to be done. Don’t stress that will make me go to Facebook. I breath and see that my list only says do a load, meaning 1 right! Ok I can do this one at a time! I start a load and realize it’s time to go get my oldest from school! I am doing so good, it has now been over 2 hours and I haven’t look at Facebook once! In fact as I’m coming home I’m thinking about doing a second load of laundry why I make the kids lunch. Wow am I changing the way my mind is thinking? Yes because I am staying busy and trying to get Facebook out of my head and not be a Facebook addict as usual! Well I’m sure you don’t want to here about my whole day of working to keep me off Facebook, but I hope that you can be proud of me when I say that I went 7 hours without looking or even wanting to look! I did it I thought, this is easy I can do this tomorrow too! And so forth, and you know what, it gets easier each day! I feel like a better, nicer and a lot less stressed of a person! Try this for your self and let me know how it works for you! I hope it can be life changing!